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Carpet Cleaning?
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We’ll give you the most thorough & exhaustive carpet cleaning service ever, starting with a carpet cleaning audit and finishing with the application of carpet protection.

If any marks re-appear, within the first few days, we’ll return & re-clean for FREE. If you’re still not happy, we’ll refund every penny!

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Eco carpet cleaning

Carpets are quite an expensive investment in our homes & we love them because they’re strong, long-lasting, add colour, eliminate impact noise, absorb sound, reduce heat-loss, are non-slip, feel soft & luxurious. So, don’t be seduced by those firms who offer ‘unbelievably low prices’ to clean your carpets or who don’t even provide a written quote or iron-clad guarantee.

For most people, the answer is NO…. because they simply don’t feel that eco carpet cleaning is up to the job. Well, you might be mistaken! Things have moved on from the past, for nowadays, Eco carpet cleaning, has come a long way. If you decide that you want to try carpet cleaning the Eco-way, then ask us & we’ll use our eco carpet cleaning products which are completely eco friendly:

Environmentally safe
Biodegradable products
No detergents
No chemicals
No enzymes
No toxic agents
100% safe for pets & babies

Remove stains from carpets effectively

I’d love to say that we can clean every stain on your carpets, but sadly I can’t & here’s why: the success of our stain removal attempts depends on different factors like: the type of carpet fibre, what the stain is, how long it’s been there, whether or not you might have unintentionally ‘set’ the stain by using a mix of stain removers, etc

Having said that, we are quite good at what we do, so you can be confident that we’ll try our best with your spots & stains. Below are the success rates we have with most common stains.
The figure in () is our % success

Yellowing (70%)
Filtration soiling (80%)
Urine Stain (70%)
Vomit (70%)
Blood (75%)
Rust (90%)
Red dye (5%)
Lipstick (80%)
Furniture stain (20%)
Drink Spills in general (85%)
Juice (80%)
Tea (85%)
Coffee (80%)
Food (80%)
Wine (75%)
Paint (emulsion) (95%)
Paint (gloss) (85%)
Crayon (70%)
Water marks (80%)
Ink (85%)
Grease and Oils (95%)
Dye or Bleach (1%)
Very dirty Traffic lanes- (80%)

……Now watch what a very happy & relieved client said after our stain treatment.

Clean for health, not just appearance

……”But my carpets don’t look that dirty”…I hear you say! Well, carpet cleaning is not just for appearance, but also for health!
Imagine if you only washed your bed linen when they looked dirty. Yuk! See, the reason we wash our sheets several times a month is because we know that even though there are things we can’t see, they still need to be cleaned out of there.

Well, it’s exactly the same with your carpets. e.g. The Dust-mite! (shown above) Did you know that in the average home, over 2 million dust-mites feed on dead skin. They hide in carpets, upholstery, curtains, mattresses & pillows. In fact, one-tenth of the weight of a 2yr old pillow is dust-mite faeces!
But have no fear, for we here at Clean Plan can help you say…..

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